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How Artists Prep

The Artists Side
What Artists Do To Prep For Their Awesome Client

Once you and the client agree on a suitable design and price, it’s time to prepare yourself and your “canvas.” Before preparing your client for what is to come you should be well prepared, both in terms of hygiene for you, your equipment and your instruments. Be sure that you somehow do not transfer any germs to your customer. Maintain your hair clean, short or in a knot and tightened so you do not risk contaminating your sterile environment. It is also very important that you keep your nails short and clean. Nails can hide a range of different dangerous bacteria. Clean clothes are a must. No long sleeves that may come in contact with your customer or instruments during the tattoo process. Of same reason, avoid using any type of jewelry when you work. Get your hands hygienic and clean with a strong soap and a clean brush. It is very important that you scrub your forearms up to the elbow where there is a high risk of contact with this area. Extra carefully, you should scrub on and under your nails and wrinkles on your knuckles, hands and fingers. Rinse carefully so that no soap residue remains on your hands and arms. After this, you are ready to take on your gloves and set up your machines.

Always be sure to make your workspace as clean as possible, in good time before you have any work to do on or near it. To keep your work surfaces as clean as possible requires an effort, but is well worth it. Surfaces must somehow be separated so that they are only available to you and your customer. During a session, no prying eyes should be able to reach this space. Carpets and rugs is strictly forbidden on this surface. Carpets are namely a very good breeding ground for bacteria.

For hygiene reasons, your desk should be covered with high pressure laminate or glass. When not in use the workbench should be covered with a slightly longer tablecloth in wax or plastic to prevent dust and dirt deposits.

The Customers Side
What Artists Do To Prep The Client For A Tattoo

Wipe the skin area to be tattooed with a pad covered with a rich amount of greensoap. Make sure to work in circular motions, inside and out. You should rather wipe a too large area then too small, to be on the safe side. Once this is achieved, it is time to remove all the hair from the skin area. For this purpose, always use a disposable razor. After shaving the skin area, wash the area thoroughly in two separate rounds.

#1 Alcohol Solution

#2 Microbicidal antiseptic solution.

Cover the area with a sterile dressing until you’re ready to start your work.

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