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Tattoos Are Not For Everyone But We Love Them & Rock Them

A wise person once said, "There are two kinds of people in the world . . . those with tattoos and those without. It doesn't bother those of us that have them that you don't." When a young man returns from the service without a tattoo, his mother doesn't cry in disbelief, "Oh son, I'm so disappointed! Everyone else got a tattoo."

In some cultures a tattoo is a mark of social status. In the free world, a lot of people automatically assume that you are a "druggie", a "biker" or really wild or worse if you have a tattoo. If you elect to have a tattoo that is visible when you are dressed, be prepared for a comment from anyone that you meet. Complete strangers seem to have no problem in voicing their opinion about your tattoo and you may not like their comment or agree, but...that won't stop them.

The decision to have a tattoo is very personal. Many tattoos are symbolic and tell a story. Art is the choice of the individual, whether it is in a painting on your wall or on your skin. Tattoo is an incredible art style - the ability to make a portrait or picture come to life on the flesh is art in the purest sense. Tattoo can provide a beautiful makeover for flesh in an area with a birthmark, discoloration of the skin, old tattoos and scars.

If you have thought about "getting" a tattoo or are curious about the actual tattooing procedure, have a chat with us. Not everyone with a tattoo had it done when they were in the service or out drinking with friends. Tattoos are not for everyone, before you decide, check it out...then before making the final decision, remember it stays with you forever and you are going to love it.

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