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How Is Tattoo Removal Done?
..Cover It Up! (Just Kidding)

Alternative Ways & Techniques

Outgrown Your Tattoo?

Now that you have outgrown your tattoo, how do you remove it? Tattoos are permanent marks on the skin which is done by injecting tiny particles of ink in the skin. The ink is not applied over the skin so this means that it is a permanent mark that may be very difficult to remove. This is why most tattoo artist recommends fixing a tattoo rather than removing it.

It is very hard to remove tattoos and the most common ways that are advertised can do more than reduce the mark rather than completely remove it. There are all sorts of tattoo removal techniques like tattoo removal creams, dermabrasion techniques and peeling techniques but possibly the best way to remove tattoos, and the most expensive, are laser removal techniques.

Tattoo Removal Cremes
"Rubbing Harder... Doesn't Work"

These are creams which are mostly composed of natural ingredients or chemicals that are used to remove skin blemishes and acne marks. Tattoo removal creams are the most affordable and the least painful. If you decide to use removal creams, you must be prepared to apply it time after time to remove your tattoo. It takes weeks for a tattoo to lighten but may take a very long time to completely remove.

"A Bit Painful"

This is yet another skin blemishes removal technique wherein a rough tool is scrubbed over the tattoo to remove different layers of skin. This treatment is painful and may leave the skin red, swollen and tender. Dermabrasion treatments done in clinics usually use a local anesthetic to reduce pain. There are different dermabrasion tools and materials that you can use at home.

Tattoo Laser Removal
"Zap Zap"

Low pulse lasers may be used to completely remove tattoos. Laser is applied on the tattoo to burn the outer layers of the skin which can eventually remove the tattoo. This treatment is costly and may take more than several sessions to complete. A dermatologist may use an anesthetic to reduce pain and the patient may be advised to use after care methods since this procedure leaves a painful burned mark on skin.

If you choose laser treatment to remove tattoos, make sure that you search for quality tattoo removal services. Aside from the price, compare treatments as well as the success rates of tattoo removal treatments so you can find the best help for the most affordable price.

Tattoo Correction
"Our Favorite Technique/Method"

Possibly the best way to remove a bad tattoo is to correct the tattoo. Talk to a professional about tattoo correction and surely he will be glad to improve the appearance of your tattoo. Almost all professional tattoo artists perform correction procedures but make sure that you are working with an experienced one.

Don't Be Spontaneous
"Use Your Noodle"

Again, a tattoo is a permanent mark. You can reduce the cost and the worries of tattoo removal when you think long and hard about the kind of design that you want inked on your skin. It is also best to get a sticker tattoo first so you can decide on the design beforehand.

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