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We are a studio with celebrity-level artists and up-and-comers. We offer an array of ink and body piercing services along with shop supplies for the beginner or existing shop. We also educate those that are new.

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Fresno, Cali


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Piercing, Hair, Supplies & Tattoo Shop

Fresno, California

Machines, Inks, Needles, Stencils, Bottles & More

Our studio is a one-of-a-kind shop bringing together awesome brands, reliable equipment and of course - throwing down ink. We always stay ahead of the game with gifted artists and awesome up-and-comers.

We are proud of the local support we get and are blessed for each day we live. You can see our work coast to coast on DJ's, Chefs, Musicians, Military, Celebrities and the cool moms and pops and the average Joe.

13th Annual World Famous Fresno Tattoo Expo

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Fresno Hair Salon

We have discountinued this service for now.

Free Fresno Tattoos

Proceeds go to a local charity. Next Date TBD.

Body Piercing Fresno

YES! Check out our new lines of body piercings.
Love To Support Hard Working Local Businesses..Like Us

We always thank and truly friendship our customers, because the work we do is all with love. Our studio for us is our second-home and we take pride in keeping it clean. Our work does allow us to clean up some regretful tattoos but we thank Hi-Tech, to clean our shop. It amazes us that resistant tattoo ink, soda-pop, gum and color-ink samples gets removed from our back office's carpet and floors.

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Got a good size piece on my neck and man, Fresno Tattoo Studio overall is awesome. Out of all the places I've been to, their Fresno tattoo artists is right up there with the best.

5 Star Customer Review 1

Danielle - Fresno, California

Really sad they shut down their piercing station. The shop is great and has a fun atmosphere. I really regret not getting my lip pierced when the Studio inked my hip and microdermaled my wrists.

5 Star Customer Review 1

Valeria, West Fresno, California

Local Bad Asses! My custom tattoo design was enhanced by their tattoo artists in Fresno and it turned phenomenal. This was by far the best tatto and tattoo experience I've ever had.

5 Star Customer Review 1

Cody - San Franciso, California

So...You Don't Have A Tattoo. Weirdo! (Joke)
We Already Had Our First Time... Here's A Tip

A wise person once said, "There are two kinds of people in the world . . . those with tattoos and those without. It doesn't bother those of us that have them that you don't." When a young man returns from the service without a tattoo, his mother doesn't cry in disbelief, "Oh son, I'm so disappointed! Everyone else got a tattoo."

The decision to have a tattoo is very personal. Many tattoos are symbolic and tell a story. My first tattoo, was not scary because the art is the choice of the individual, whether it is in a painting on your wall or on your skin. Tattoo is an incredible art style - the ability to make a portrait or picture come to life on the flesh is art in the purest sense. Tattoo can provide a beautiful...

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