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Popular Tattoos With Meanings

Feather Tattoo
"Enlightenment or Freedom"

This tattoo design is linked to Native American cultures. The flowing feather or a number of feathers linked in a kind of native piece of ornament or jewellery is the most common design in tattoos.

Feather Tattoo

Rose Tattoo
"Love, Beauty, Concern or Life"

A red rose in particular may be drawn as a fully opened flower or a rose bud. This flower symbolizes love, beauty, concern and life. A red rose tattoo may be placed on the chest, the upper arm or at the back where the entire figure of a rose may be featured. It may also be drawn together with other figures like a skull, along with thorns, chains or together with other symbolic figures.

Rose Tattoo

Skull Tattoo
"Death, Resilience, Soul or Wisdom of Death"

A figure of a skull may look dangerous as well as creative when designed on the skin. Skulls symbolize death, resilience, the soul or the wisdom of the dead. The best places where you can get a skull tattoo are on the back, the upper arm and on the chest. Skulls are also dramatic figures so it is best if this is drawn by an expert tattoo artist.

Skull Tattoo

Butterly Tattoo
"Soul or Mind"

A butterfly tattoo is a tattoo design that means the soul or the mind. This animal has different meanings in different cultures but the most prominent of all is its meaning in Japanese culture. Japanese believe that if a butterfly enters your home, the person that you love the most will pay you a visit soon.

Butterfly Tattoo

Japanese Dragon Tattoo
"Wealth, Prosperity, Luck & Supernatural Powers"

A dragon has so many symbols in many cultures. In Japan, the dragon is a symbol of wealth, prosperity, luck and supernatural powers. The dragon is a very beautiful tattoo design that may be placed in any area of the body: the arm, the foot, the chest and the back. You will be able to find dragons in many poses but the most popular of all is a dragon with an open mouth or a hissing tongue.

Japanese Dragon Tattoo

Celtic Knot Tattoo
"No Beginning or End"

The Celtic knot is a kind of tattoo that means there is no beginning or end. There are so many ways this tattoo is depicted and the most popular is a Celtic knot over the upper arm. The Celtic knot is also a popular jewellery design for pendants and rings.

Celtic Knot Tattoo

NZ Maori Tattoo
"Higher Rank or Social Status"

The Maori people of New Zealand have a high regard for people with tattoos since having tattoos would mean a higher rank or social status. Maori tattoos may look very simple but are very beautiful and very stylish especially when worn over the upper arm, the legs and on the neck.

Maori Tattoo

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